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1. Publisher

The publisher of this website is:

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2. Liability

Infrabel’s objective is to inform you of its activities, services and products through this website. The present website does not serve advertising purposes. Nothing on this website may be considered as an offer, a provision of services or the conclusion of a contract.

The information communicated on this website is general in nature and, therefore, may not be considered as adapted to users’ personal needs or specific circumstances. Infrabel does its utmost to monitor and update information on the website. The website’s content may be modified regularly. However, Infrabel is unable to guarantee that the website’s content is complete, exact and up-to-date. This website’s content may not be used to assess the company. To that end, please refer to the legal information channels, such as the annual reports.

Infrabel is not liable for any prejudice resulting from the use of this website or from any information communicated on it. Furthermore, Infrabel is not liable for any prejudice resulting from technical problems and interruptions in access to the website. Infrabel does not guarantee that the documents available on the website are compatible with users’ infrastructure. 

Infrabel is always able to modify all or some of this website’s content without prior notice. Infrabel disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect prejudice resulting from errors or the absence of updates on the website, except in the case of serious or voluntary misconduct.

3. Links to other websites

Links to external websites from this website are not controlled by Infrabel, and Infrabel may not in any way be held liable for illegal content on these websites, nor for hyperlinks referring users to other websites. The presence of a hyperlink to third-party websites on this site does not in any way imply an approval or a guarantee of quality by Infrabel.

4. Intellectual property

The content of the website is protected by intellectual property rights held by Infrabel or third parties.  This website, or certain parts of it, may be printed or reproduced for personal and non-commercial purposes only, if accompanied by the legal notice which refers to intellectual property: “© Infrabel 2011. All rights reserved”. Any person wishing to reproduce or disseminate this website to the general public must have obtained Infrabel’s prior written consent. 

Any other use, including, but not limited to, reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republishing, display and/or representation of all or part of the content of this website is strictly forbidden without Infrabel’s prior written consent.

5. Bescherming van de privacy

Infrabel guarantees the protection of users’ personal data and complies with the applicable legal provisions. Users are free to visit this website and consult information on our organisation and services without having to communicate any personal data.

As a user of this website, you authorise Infrabel to register and process your personal data in order to improve its services. Infrabel is able to use this website to collect information about your visit: the IP address you used to connect, the website which directed you to our website, the date and time of your visit, the pages you visited on the Infrabel website, and the browser you use. This data is used exclusively to guarantee and improve the website's good functioning.

Any personal data requested from you on the website is used solely to complete an action you have asked for or to reply to an e-mail you have sent to Infrabel. Infrabel does not store any personal data.

The data collected via the website will not be used for marketing purposes. Also, it will not be transmitted to third parties, unless required by law or under specific circumstances: in order to protect Infrabel’s assets and rights, staff members, users and the general public.

Finally, this website uses “cookies”. These are small electronic files placed on the visitor’s computer hard disk. These cookies are installed only to implement or facilitate the transmission of communication via an electronic communication network or to provide a data company service explicitly requested by visitors, such as the saving of the visitors’ language selection during a browsing session, or, if necessary, the saving of their acceptance of the conditions of use. Visitors may install their web browser in such a way as to ensure that it provides data when a cookie is received or enables the placing of cookies to be refused. Nevertheless, the visitor should be aware of the fact that if they refuse the installation of cookies, certain parts of the site may not work properly or may be inaccessible, or a piece of information may not be provided.

6. Contact form

You may contact Infrabel using the contact form. Infrabel is able to reproduce, use, distribute, etc. these forms.

Any form with content considered to be irrelevant to Infrabel’s activities may not be taken into account.

Your data will not be transferred to third parties without your explicit consent. In accordance with legal provisions concerning the processing of personal data, you may at any time request access to your personal data and/or, if necessary, correct it, adapt it, and/or delete it. In this context, Infrabel acts as processing manager. If you require further information, please contact Infrabel by e-mail:

7. Creating a link to this website

Users must always request Infrabel’s prior consent if they want to create a link to Infrabel’s website. To that end, you may use the contact function available on the website. In this frame, users must always refer to the website containing the link, the contact details of the person responsible for the website and the reasons for including this link. In the absence of Infrabel’s agreement, it is forbidden, specifically, to set up on a website (1) any deep link, and/or (2) any framed link or inline link to all or part of the

Creating a link does not release the user from the prohibition of copying, reproducing or posting logos, etc.

Users confirm in writing that they accept and comply with the conditions imposed by Infrabel. These conditions are listed below:

  • The link must direct visitors to the home page Do you want to create a link to a different page on our website? Make clear reference to it.
  • The link must be created in a separate window and, therefore, not in frames directing visitors to other websites, or in pop-ups (windows without browsing buttons).
  • The link may not be included in websites which have an objective and image contrary to good moral standards or public order, or which do not correspond to those of Infrabel.
  • The link may not make any demands for payment from users.

Even if you have obtained the authorisation to create a link, Infrabel may, nevertheless, prohibit its use without having to justify its decision. A paying link or one which is subject to any form of request for payment from the user always requires Infrabel’s written consent.

A link which does not comply with the afore-mentioned conditions, in whatever form, may give rise to the institution of legal proceedings.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction

This website, its operation and use are governed exclusively by Belgian law. With the exception of mandatory provisions, the courts of Brussels are the only ones competent for any dispute involving access to or use of this website.

Last update: 15th September 2011.

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