Being eligible as a supplier or contractor

Are you a supplier and do you wish to supply specific goods or services to Infrabel? Then review your options here.

To become a supplier of Infrabel

You cannot just become a supplier of Infrabel. As a public undertaking Infrabel is required to follow a number of procedures when appointing suppliers.

There are 3 ways to become eligible as a supplier to Infrabel:

  1. You register as a potential supplier. After screening, you may become eligible for an unpublished tender.
  2. You put yourself forward as a candidate via an announcement on one of the links below.
  3. If you are a supplier of strategic products or services, you can also take part in a qualification procedure. If you are successful, you will be included on our shortlist. This procedure is completely independent of purchasing. As and when these products or services are to be purchased, only the qualified companies will be consulted. 

For more information about the legislation relating to government contracts, you can go to the federal government website.

Qualification procedure

Please find attached the list of qualification systems for the various products and services. This is only available in Dutch and in French. 

Qualification procedure

If your company is a candidate for selection in a qualification system, you need to submit an application to the qualifications department: Your application must specify the qualification system you are applying for.

A staff member of the qualifications department will then send you the administrative and technical specifications describing the qualification documents, tests and processes. Once the administrative and technical documentation has been received, the concerned departments will start the assessment of the documents.

If Infrabel uses the qualification system to make selections during the tender process, only qualified companies will receive the tender specifications.



  • Q1 and Q3 have been replaced by Y15, please read any reference to Q1 or Q3 as Y15.
  • QP has been incorporated in QA, please read any reference made to QP as QA.

Other documents are not available in English, please check out the French or Dutch version of our website to find documents in those languages.