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Where do you send your invoice? Which Infrabel address can you send one of your products to? What is our procurement policy? Find all this useful information here.

Invoicing information

Which address can you send your invoice to?

10-31 I-FBA.113
Accounts Payable Department
Place Marcel Broodthaers 2 
1060 Brussels

Company number: 0869.763.267

If you have any questions about your invoice, you can simply get in touch with us!

Accounts Payable
+32 (0)2/525.29.88

Our delivery addresses

The addresses of our Logistics Centres for Infrastructure (LCI) and our workshops are:

Zone Antwerpen

LCI-Antenne Aarschot
Nieuwlandlaan 1
BE- 3200 Aarschot

LCI Antwerpen - Berchem
Generaal Van Merlenstraat 1
BE- 2600 Berchem

LCI Antwerpen-Noord
Haven 500 Noorderlaan 630
BE- 2030 Antwerpen

LCI Hasselt
Kuringersteenweg 324
BE- 3500 Hasselt

LCI Leuven                      
Diestsesteenweg 3
BE- 3010 Leuven

LCI Muizen
Smisstraat 50
BE- 2812 Muizen

LCI-Antenne Antwerpen Luchtbal
Argentiniëlaan / Vlierveld
BE- 2030 Antwerpen

LCI–Antenne Antwerpen-Oost
BE- 2018 Antwerpen

LCI-Antenne Bundel-Zuid
Hazopweg 7
BE- 9120 Beveren

LCI- Antenne Genk
BE- 3600 Genk

LCI-Antenne Lier
Leopoldplein 32
BE- 2500 Lier

LCI-Antenne Mol
Keirlandse Zillen
BE- 2400 Mol

LCI- Antenne Tienen
BE- 3300 Tienen

LCI- Antenne Zaventem
BE- 1930 Zaventem


Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

LCI Klein-Eiland
Tweestationsstraat 128                 
BE- 1070 Brussel

CLI-Antenne Schaarbeek
Place Princesse Elisabeth 6   
BE- 1030 Schaerbeek

CLI-Antenne Brussel-Zuid
Rue des Vétérinaires 113
BE- 1070 Anderlecht

LCI-Antenne Halle                 
Jean Laroystraat
BE- 1500 Halle

CLI-Antenne Brussel-Noord
Rue du Progrès 76
BE- 1030 Schaerbeek

CLI-Antenne Etterbeek  
Boulevard Général Jacques 263
BE- 1050 Ixelles

Centraal magazijn en werkplaats Schaarbeek
Ganzeweidestraat 301
1130 Brussel



Zone Charleroi

Chemin des Cheminots
BE- 7800 Ath

CLI Charleroi    
Rue Champeau 1
BE- 6061 Montignies-sur-Sambre

CLI La Louvière
Rue des Fonds Gaillards
BE- 7100 La Louvière


CLI Luttre
Rue de l'Atelier Central
BE- 6230 Pont-à-Celles

CLI Mons
Avenue Melina Mercouri 2
BE- 7000 Mons

CLI Tournai
Rue Basse Couture
BE- 7500 Tournai

CLI-Antenne Braine-le-Comte
Chemin du Chevauchoire de Binche
BE- 7090 Braine-le-Comte

CLI-Antenne Châtelet
Rue de l'Yser
BE- 6200 Châtelet
CLI-Antenne Fleurus
Rue Saint-Roch
BE- 6220 Fleurus

CLI-Antenne Monceau
Rue de Roux
BE- 6044 Roux

CLI-Antenne Saint-Ghislain
Rue Marius Renard
BE- 7330 Saint-Ghislain

Werkplaats Bascoup
Rue d'Anderlues 187
BE- 7160 Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont

Zone Gent

LCI Brugge
Chantrellstraat 20
BE- 8000 Brugge

LCI Denderleeuw
Kouterbaan 161
BE- 9470 Denderleeuw

LCI Gent-St-Pieters
Koningin Fabiolalaan 151          
BE- 9000 Gent

LCI Gent-Zeehaven
Veenakkerstraat 1
BE- 9000 Gent

LCI Kortrijk
Markesesteenweg 167
BE- 8500 Kortrijk

LCI-Antenne Aalter
Stationsplein 2
BE- 9880 Aalter

LCI-Antenne Deinze                     
BE- 9800 Deinze
LCI-Antenne Dendermonde       
BE- 9200 Dendermonde
LCI-Antenne Diksmuide                    
BE- 8600 Diksmuide
LCI-Antenne Gentbrugge
BE- 9050 Gentbrugge
LCI-Antenne Geraardsbergen
Stationsplein 39
BE- 9500 Geraardsbergen
LCI-Antenne Lichtervelde                    
BE- 8810 Lichtervelde
LCI-Antenne Oostende        
BE- 8800 Oostende
LCI-Antenne Sint-Niklaas
Nieuwe Molenstraat 23                      
BE- 9100 Sint-Niklaas
LCI-Antenne Wondelgem        
Molenstraat thv 37
BE- 9032 Wondelgem

LCI-Antenne Zeebrugge
New Yorklaan
BE- 8380 Zeebrugge

LCI-Antenne Zottegem       
Broeder Mareslaan
BE- 9620 Zottegem

Werkplaats Roeselare
Beverensteenweg 177
BE- 8800 Roeselare

Zone Liège

CLI Angleur
Route de Tilff
BE- 4020 Angleur

Rue Aily
BE-  4430 Ans

CLI Arlon
Rue des Thermes Romains 7
BE- 6700 Arlon
CLI Jemelle
Route des Forrières
BE- 5580 Jemelle
CLI Ronet
Chemin du Tir
BE- 5020 Ronet
CLI-Antenne Bertrix
Rue d'Orgeo
BE- 6880 Bertrix

CLI-Antenne Ciney
Place Emile Vandervelde
BE- 5590 Ciney

CLI-Antenne Gembloux
Chaussée de Wavre
BE- 5020 Gembloux

CLI-Antenne Huy     
Place Zénobe Gramme
BE- 4500 Huy

CLI-Antenne Kinkempois
Rue du Chêne
BE- 4031 Kinkempois

CLI-Antenne Libramont
Rue des Alliés
BE- 6800 Libramont

CLI-Antenne Liège
Rue Ernest Solvay
BE- 4000 Liège

CLI-Antenne Namur
Boulevard d'Herbatte
BE- 5000 Namur

CLI-Antenne Ottignies
Avenue Demolder 54a
BE- 1340 Ottignies

CLI-Antenne Trois-Ponts
Place de la Gare
BE- 4980 Trois-Pont

CLI-Antenne Verviers
Rue Pierre Piqueray
BE- 4860 Pepinster
CLI-Antenne Virton    
Avenue Bouvier
BE- 6762 Virton

CLI-Antenne Visé
Route de Maastricht
BE- 4600 Visé 

CLI-Antenne Welkenraedt    
Boulevard Hector Grosjean
BE- 4840 Welkenraedt

CLI-Antenne Yvoir
Place de la Gare
BE- 5530 Yvoir


Technical specifications

The technical specifications are no longer available on the Internet.

If you are looking for a technical specification in the context of a published public procurement tender, please send an e-mail to the contact point mentioned in the tender or to the technical department concerned.

If you are looking for a technical specification about a product or service which falls under a qualification system, please send an e-mail to