Intermodal transport

The purpose of intermodal transport is to combine several methods of transport: rail transport, road transport, air transport, maritime or inland waterway transport. In the case of the use of an intermodal transport strategy, all loading units – mobile cisterns, semi-trailers, trailers and containers - must be certified and coded.

Approval and coding

For certification, loading units undergo technical checks designed to determine whether they will resist constraints during transport and handling at terminals. Loading units must comply with ISO and CEN standards and UIC datasheets.

For coding, a dimensional profile number is allocated to the loading units. This enables a compatible route to be selected according to the load-carrying wagon.


  • Containers: ISO 1496 part 3 and ISO 6346 – UIC datasheet 592-2
  • Mobile cisterns: CEN EN 284, EN 452 – UIC datasheet 592-4
  • Semi-trailers: UIC datasheet 596-5
  • Testing protocol: CEN EN 283 – UIC datasheet 592-3 
  • Coding of units: UIC datasheet 596-6
  • Identification of mobile cisterns and semi-trailers: EN13044


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