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Infrabel offers rail operators a flexible train path reservation system. At various different times, whether in the long term, short term, or through our Real Time service, they are able to introduce or adapt their capacity request. As infrastructure manager, Infrabel allocates rail operators all the capacities they require (train paths ) to run on the Belgian rail network. Our employees define the timetables by combining data about your requirements and network availability.

An all-inclusive service

Infrabel has effective computer applications for planning, organising, monitoring and managing traffic. Infrabel ensures the real-time tracking of your dispatches via the Business Corner secure extranet site. Information about dispatches is available in just a few clicks. Infrabel offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness to meet urgent requirements.

Long Term

  • Requests submitted before the 2nd Monday in April take priority over requests made after this date; After this date, you have up to 10 working days before the 2nd Saturday in December to submit your requests. On that date, the new timetable enters into force. However, this system does offer a certain flexibility: during its period of validity, the timetable may be subject to modification and it is possible to make long-term changes to the capacity requests which have been submitted. For further information:
  • To submit capacity requests to be taken into account in the annual timetable, send an e-mail to one of the following addresses: or

short term

  • Requesting new train paths (new organisations)
  • Modifying existing train paths (existing organisations)
    • Generally speaking, train paths may be modified up to 2 working days at 10 a.m. before the last day.
    • For this, send an e-mail to  

Real Time

Real Time requests and adaptations can be made from two working days at 10 a.m. before the last day. For this, send an email to

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