Network Statement

Railway undertakings and other applicants can find all the information they need to access and use the Belgian railway infrastructure in the Infrabel network statement.


The network statement specifically covers the following topics, structured into 6 chapters:

  1. General information; 
  2. Conditions for submitting capacity requests and network access conditions;
  3. Description of the railway infrastructure;
  4. Terms and rules for capacity allocation;
  5. Description of Infrabel's range of services, as well as those of other operators of service facilities linked to the network and its service providers
  6. Principles related to the charging of Infrabel's services.

Online network STATEMENTS

Infrabel keeps the network statement up-to-date and therefore adapts it on a regular basis. When doing so, the adaptations are always clearly indicated in the document. The "Modifications" document contains an overview of the sections that have been adapted in the main document and/or in the appendices.

This page contains two versions of the network statement: one version applies to the current timetable, the other relates to the future timetable.  

Network statement

Notice to operators of service facilities and services providers

The Belgian Law dated 30 August 2013 relating to the Rail Code, which is the transposition of Directive 2012/34/EU, imposes on all operators of service facilities connected to the Infrabel railway network and the services providers, to provide information on the technical access conditions and the charges for access to their installations as well as for the provision of services.

This information has to be included in the network statement of Infrabel, possibly by adding a link to the website where this information can be consulted freely.

If you are an operator of a service facility and/or a services provider and you wish to add this information to our network statement, you can always contact us by e-mail: .