Being the Belgian railway infrastructure manager, every day, Infrabel meets the challenge of new mobility by offering a modern and effective network. To that end, Traffic Management & Services is a competence centre that caters exclusively to our customers, with the development of a range of exclusive products and services suited to the needs of all.

Brochure  "Rail solutions at your service" (2010, pdf 3.65MB)

Brochure  "Rail transport at the heart of economic challenges" (2010, pdf 3.99MB)

Brochure  "Your Power - Traction energy" (2017)


    Product cards

     Your Moves (2010, pdf 0.93MB)

     Your Shunts (2010, pdf 4.88MB)

     Your Power (2010, pdf 1.27MB)

     Your XXL (2010, pdf 1.90MB)

     Your Connection (2010, pdf 2.96MB)

     Your Extratime (2010, pdf 0.80MB)

     Your Tracks (2010, pdf 0.80MB)