User fees

When you use the Belgian railway infrastructure, a fee is owed to Infrabel for the train path used. Infrabel determines the prices, issues the invoices and collects the user fee. The pricing mechanism is based on different objective parameters, such as the train’s weight, the distance covered, traffic priority, etc.

User fees: 4 components

The user fee comprises 4 components:

  • The Train Path-Line fee invoiced for accessing and using direct lines.
  • The Train Path-installation fee invoiced for using platform tracks and certain arrival and departure tracks.
  • Manoeuvring operations fee for accessing and using marshalling facilities.
  • The administrative fee designed to cover administrative fees concerning the processing of capacity requests.

You can find more information about how the user fee is calculated in the Network Statement.


  • Directive 2001/14/CE of 26 February 2001
  • Royal Decree of 12 March 1003 (articles 61 to 65) 
  • Royal Decree of 9 December 2004 concerning the execution of chapters VIII and IX of the Royal Decree of 12 March 2003 concerning the railway infrastructure’s conditions of use (art. 19 to 31)
  • Network Statement


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