The rail operator licence

In order to gain access to the Belgian rail network, you require a rail operator licence. If your company is based in Belgium, you may apply to the Federal Minister for Mobility and Transport for your rail operator licence. The rail operator licence is valid in all European Union countries.


The rail operator licence provides proof that your rail company meets certain requirements in terms of its financial capacity, professional skills, reputation and liability insurance.

Attention: in addition to the rail operator licence, you must also hold a safety certificate.


  • If your head office is based in Belgium, the licence application is submitted to the Federal Minister for Mobility and Transport.
  • Send this application by recorded delivery or by courier with a return receipt.
  • The Minister will reply within 90 days of the receipt of your application.
  • The Minister may check at any time that you comply with all the provisions of the rail operator licence.


  • Royal decree of 16/01/2007 concerning the rail operator licence
  • Directive 95/18/CE modified by directive 2001/13/CE transposed in Belgian law by the Act of 4/12/2006 concerning the use of the railway infrastructure (art.14, 15, 18)

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