Infrabel does not work alone. It works with a number of contractors to carry out maintenance and renovation work on its infrastructure, and to develop large-scale network expansion projects.

Maintenance and renovation works

"Maintenance and renovation works" cover the maintenance and renovation of railway infrastructure as well as tool and workplace modernisation.

The most common works and services are carried out on railway infrastructure, the construction of civil engineering structures, the renovation of buildings, work on signalling equipment, overhead lines, maintenance of tracks and embankments, and building maintenance.

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Network expansion projects

Infrabel also invests in large-scale development projects on the current network. To ensure that these projects are carried out correctly, a specific department deals with their monitoring, coordination and implementation.

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Some of our contractors may work directly for one of our subsidiary companies (e.g. TUC RAIL), railway companies, federal, regional and local authorities or public utility companies.

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Becoming a contractor for Infrabel

You can make an application or submit a bid in response to a new published tender.

Infrabel's tenders can be accessed via:

  • e-Notification: for all public contracts published at Belgian and European level.
  • OJEU: The Official Journal of the European Union for all tenders published at European level.

Any publication may include qualitative selection criteria that your bid must satisfy in order to be shortlisted for the awarding of the contract.
For public works contracts, a contractor accreditation is compulsory if the cost of the works is above a certain amount.

For more information regarding the contractor accreditation, see the FPS Economy website (French), which is in charge of the accreditation system.