Significant works on the Brussels-Namur line - 10/08/2017

On 12 August Infrabel started significant infrastructure works on line 161 (Brussels-Namur).

Construction work between Rogier and Bruxelles-Luxembourg

From 12th to 27th August, Infrabel is carrying out significant works to renovate the rail infrastructure between Rogier and Bruxelles-Luxembourg station. The rails, ties and ballast will be fully renovated over a distance of 1600 m. New drainage will also be installed. These works will only affect one of the two tracks (the other was renovated in 2016) but, in order to facilitate the transportation of the building materials, the traffic will be interrupted on both tracks through 3 weekends.

In order to limit the impact of these works for travellers during the weekdays, SNCB and Infrabel have established a single track service between Bruxelles-Schuman and Bruxelles-Nord. However, the schedule of certain connections that pass through this section have had to be modified. For others, their route has been adapted.

Traffic interrupted between Ottignies and Bruxelles-Luxembourg for 3 weekends

Through the long weekend from 15th August (12th to 15th inclusive) and the following weekends (19th-20th August and 26th-27th August), the trains that normally operate between Ottignies and Bruxelles-Luxembourg will be diverted via Louvain (line 139) and Bruxelles-Nord (line 36) to rejoin or leave Brussels. As a result, these trains will not stop at Bruxelles-Luxembourg and Schuman stations. On Monday 14th, the connection IC 18 (Liers – Liège – Namur - Bruxelles-Midi) will terminate at Ottignies. In order to limit the impact of the cancellation of certain S connections (between Bruxelles-Luxembourg and Bruxelles-Midi) during these weekends, SNCB customers will be able to use the STIB network upon presentation of their travel pass.

Second phase of works at Beauvallon

Also on line 161, between Namur and Rhisnes, the second phase of the works to secure the rock face at Beauvallon will start on 18th August and end on 8th December. The teams will start to construct the second half of the 250m long concrete box, which is intended to protect the rail traffic. Works to move the tracks and renovate the electrical facilities are also planned during this period.

As a result, during the weekdays there will be a single track service between Rhisnes and Namur. Despite the efforts of two rail companies, the schedules of certain connections that use this section will be adapted and others will be modified or limited. A bus service will also be established in order to replace the L trains that will not circulate between Rhisnes and Namur.

During the weekend, the single track service will also apply for the trains operating in the works area apart from on 19th/20th August and 25th/26th November. During these two weekends, the trains will be deviated from Gembloux towards Jemeppe-sur-Sambre (line 144) and Namur (line 130) and back. For the trains limited to Gembloux, a bus service will be provided to ensure the continuity of your journey.

Adapted train service for customers

SNCB and Infrabel have established an adapted train service for customers who use this line to and from the Nord-Midi junction. Further information about this offer is already available on the information tools of SNCB (, the Facebook and Twitter accounts), in the stations or via the customer service team (02/528.28.28)). The rail company therefore advises passengers to check the information before travelling.