Jump against trespassing

Intrusion on the tracks, or trespassing, is a growing phenomenon. Despite our efforts and the sign reminding people that traffic on the tracks is not allowed, 807 cases of trespassing were recorded in 2017! This summer, Infrabel launches an awareness campaign against trespassing at music festivals: JUMP against intrusion on the tracks! 


At our stand at the Dour, Suikerrock and Pukkelpop festivals, we will be calling on the public to review the design of the sign prohibiting traffic on the tracks, inviting each festival-goer to create his own digital sign! Photographed in an original way, on a trampoline, jumpers can then share the montage made on social networks with the hashtag #NOTRESPASSING and have it printed on a pin.

You too, come and visit our Infrabel stand on the festivals and create your photo #NOTRESPASSING.

Infrabel at the festivals

Dour Festival: 11-12-13-14-15 July 2018

Suikerrock: 27-28-29 July 2018

Pukkelpop: 15-16-17-18 August 2018


The presence of people on the tracks, where this is not allowed, has become an increasingly frequent phenomenon, which severely affects railway safety and weighs heavily on train punctuality.

Infrabel continues its fight against this phenomenon by developing new innovative actions targeting young people.

Discover our actions against trespassing on the tracks