Infrabel innovates and wins a RailTech Award - 29/03/2017

Infrabel was voted the most innovative company at the prize giving of the RailTech Awards yesterday, in Utrecht. Our new 3D simulator for training guards was awarded for its particularly modern aspect.


And we can be proud of it, because the simulator is not only innovative, it is also in line with our first priority: safety on and around the tracks. The recognition of our simulator by the RailTech Europe 2017 Innovation Award is a great reward for Infrabel's daily efforts in matters of safety.

We are pioneers within the industry for the installation of 3D simulation to train our staff. This won us the unanimous vote of the jury, but also allows our staff in the field to confidently face challenging situations without really placing them in danger's way. A great example of how we implement our Safety First principle.


RailTech is a global platform that brings together professionals from the railway industry, and which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and new techniques. The fact that Infrabel was voted by RailTech as the most innovative company in the public transport sector is a great thing for Kristof De Mulder, Infrabel's Finance and Business Director. "Thanks to this implementation, and its resulting award, Infrabel have confirmed their status in matters of innovation in the area that is most important to us: safety. I am extremely proud of my team, who have achieved a fantastic result", he stated.

Infrabel was declared the winner out of three nominees in the Public Transport category. In addition to innovation in public transport, awards were also presented in the categories of Innovation in Infrastructure, wagon fleet, technology, freight and young innovators.

RailTech Innovation Award