In tune with society in 2015

For several years, Infrabel has led a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy through its strategic priority In tune with society. This priority shows its desire to make a greater contribution to sustainable development by taking responsibility with regard to society. Each time we make a decision, we try to strike the right balance between the social, environmental and economic interests and expectations of each of our stakeholders. We carry out numerous projects with the support and motivation of colleagues who are eager to contribute to sustainable development.

The first train to run on wind power

In October 2015, the first "sail" train ran on wind power following the commissioning of the first seven wind turbines in the Greensky wind farm. Being one of the largest in Belgium, the wind farm is located alongside the high-speed Leuven-Liège line and the E40 motorway. Thanks to its connection to the rail network through our high-voltage station at Avernas, around 170 trains are partially supplied with green energy on the high-speed line 2, line 36 (Leuven-Liège) and line 21 (Landen-Hasselt).
Annual production is estimated to be nearly 35,000 MWh of electricity, with an annual reduction in CO2 of 15,000 tonnes

Environmental issues are an integral part of our daily business.
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Local Residents

Created in 2006, the Local Residents Information Unit aims to inform residents about the projects and works that may affect them (engineering works, noise, etc.). In 2015, the Local Residents Information Unit organised 18 information sessions, drafted 452 information leaflets and handled 6,034 questions, complaints and requests, and much more besides.

In the same year, this team also developed new mobile information panels at level crossings. The aim of these panels is to inform road users when a level crossing is closed for renewal or maintenance works. These panels allow Infrabel to reach a wider public, and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Perhaps you will come across one soon on our network...

Infrabel plays a key role in the development of more sustainable mobility in Belgium. We make sure that we offer high-quality infrastructure and keep our stakeholders informed.
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Toy and warm clothes collection

For the last three years, Infrabel has organised a collection for toys and warm clothes at the end of the year. In 2015, a total of 12 sites participated (in Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Denderleeuw and Liège), collecting 136 boxes! This is a great initiative that gains popularity every year... When the project first started, only Brussels took part.
This shows that solidarity is very much alive within our company, thanks to the participation and support of many colleagues! 

We encourage our employees to share our values outside the company, and we therefore encourage collaborative projects that express solidarity.
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Our Sustainable Development Report for 2015