Safety in 2015

Safety is the guiding principle in all our activities and projects. At Infrabel, safety comprises three different pillars, which are interwoven in various projects. Our technical interventions are designed to improve the safety of rail traffic directly through the implementation of physical systems or facilities on or beside the tracks. But that alone is not enough. Raising awareness among road users and our staff is just as important. Finally, Infrabel continues to work to improve the safety management system. Here are our key results for 2015 at a glance...

Pionier of ETCS in Europe

In 2015, Infrabel made considerable progress with the ETCS master plan:

By the end of 2015, the rollout of the TBL1+ driving support system was complete. This marks the end of the first phase of the ETCS master plan. There is now 99.9% effective coverage on the Belgian rail network. TBL1+ ensures that the train's emergency braking system is activated when it passes a red signal or approaches it too fast. 

2015 was also a fruitful year as far as the rollout of the European Train Control System (ETCS) is concerned. As of December 2015, the entire section between Antwerp and Athus (also known as Corridor C) is equipped with ETCS. Belgium now has the longest rail line with ETCS, a European record! 

More information about the ETCS master plan

Raising awareness to prevent accidents

Infrabel aims to reduce the number of accidents involving road users at level crossings or people walking along the tracks to an absolute minimum. We do this through infrastructure measures and through major campaigns to raise awareness among the general public. After all, accidents are almost always caused by failure to observe the rules of the road or a misjudgement.

As of May 2016, all Belgian level crossings are equipped with an electronic bell. This technology offers many advantages in terms of durability, as well as allowing the sound to be directed in a particular direction. In 2015 Infrabel organised a variety of campaigns to raise awareness among the general public. 

Safety report 2015

As railway infrastructure manager, Infrabel presents an annual safety report to the safety authority (SSICF/DVIS). In this report we provide an overview of incidents and accidents that occurred during the past year. The document also describes the actions taken to improve safety.

Read the 2015 Annual Safety Report (PDF) - French

Read the 2015 Annual Safety Report (PDF) - Dutch