Concentration of signal boxes

Infrabel is responsible for the coordination of all rail traffic on the Belgian rail network. Our staff monitor all trains in real time in the signal boxes. For a number of years, we have been carrying out a thorough modernisation of our traffic management system.

Concentration of the signal boxes into modern control centres

Infrabel is gradually concentrating these signal boxes into larger control centres. By doing this, we will better harmonise and modernise the monitoring of our rail traffic. A radical modernisation process which involves a lot of work!

In 2005, there were more than 350 local signal boxes. By 2017, Infrabel will centralise these into 31 cutting-edge signal boxes. In a second phase, we want to reduce the number of signal boxes even further to only 10 large traffic management centres.

Modernising and transforming traffic management

The concentration of the signal boxes goes hand in hand with a complete modernisation of our traffic management system. We are implementing new IT systems and providing signallers with advanced, real-time computer support. In this way, in the future they will be able to focus on the most important urban junctions and on resolving any incidents in their area. The layout of the signal boxes and assignment of roles will also change in the future.