In tune with society (People External)

Infrabel plays an important role in the development of more sustainable mobility in Belgium. We work hard to increase the quality and accessibility of our infrastructure.

Ensuring public safety

The safety of the Belgian rail network is Infrabel's number one priority. We develop and install safety systems on the tracks (TBL1+, ETCS) and provide high-quality infrastructure and reliable rail traffic management.
Awareness-raising, communication and training also form an integral part of our safety strategy. We therefore keep the public informed by running a variety of awareness-raising activities.

We also organise activities aimed at younger people… Our schoolchildren's events aim to increase awareness among primary school pupils and teachers about the basic rules of railway safety (at stations, level crossings and along the tracks).

Quality and accessibility of rail travel for better mobility

Through a number of projects, Infrabel is contributing to tomorrow’s mobility
Today, Brussels Airport is one of the top airports in Europe in terms of rail connections. Thanks to the Diabolo project (2012), the airport is directly linked with the main lines of the national rail network and also to various European cities via international rail connections.
In April 2016, the opening of the Schuman-Josaphat tunnel made it possible to connect the European Quarter in the north of Brussels to the airport and to the country’s biggest urban areas without causing congestion to the North-South Junction.

We also put in place seasonal action plans (plans drawn up proactively to respond in an optimal way to  extreme weather conditions: snow, ice, falling leaves, heat etc.).

Restricting noise nuisance for local residents

Infrabel pays particular attention to the reduction of noise nuisance caused by rail traffic, particularly relating to infrastructure. Therefore, various types of action are taken (measuring sound levels, covered trenches, noise barriers and wallsetc.) to restrict the impact on quality of life for local residents.
Measures already taken include a new grinding technique to ensure a smooth contact between rails and the wheels of rolling stock produces thus creating less noise. From 2017, all upgraded lines will also be fitted with new soundproofing material (rubber pads positioned between the rails and sleepers) to improve the acoustic quality.

Our improvements and maintenance work can sometimes lead to noise nuisance for local residents. To minimise the impact of this noise, Infrabel is raising awareness amongst its staff.

At Infrabel we have a whole department dedicated to local residents. Set up in 2006, this single point of contact aims to inform local residents of any scheduled or unscheduled work that could affect their daily lives.