In tune with our staff (People Internal)

Our employees are our best ambassadors. Infrabel cares about the safety and well-being of its employees and does everything it can to provide the best working conditions. 

Safety and well-being

Around 12,000 Infrabel employees work hard every single day to keep the network running effectively. Infrabel tries to provide the best working conditions. We ensure the safety of our staff (notably through conferences and ongoing training sessions) and we support their well-being: modernisation of buildings, specific training sessions, brochures and films on well-being at work and so on.

A variety of initiatives are also in place to ensure operational continuity following the retirements expected over the coming years.

Recognition of our know-how

At Infrabel, we favour the learning organisation: a culture based around dialogue and respect. We implement actions aimed at enabling our employees to feel valued and making our teams more effective and more able to adapt to new challenges: a code of conduct, a training and development centre, the onboarding of each new member of staff and so on.

Every year, our colleagues are the stars of the show at our Company Open Day. This is a unique opportunity to introduce the general public with more than 10,0000 visitors on average every year, to the many varied and complex roles that exist within our company.
From Traffic Control to the Logistic Centres for Infrastructure (ILC) to signalling boxes, visitors are given a wealth of information and watch a series of demonstrations which have one common thread, i.e. safety – our number one priority.