In tune with the economy (Prosperity)

Infrabel wants to contribute to the development of a responsible socio-economic framework in Belgium.

Stimulating Belgium's socio-economic development

Infrabel does its utmost to contribute, through sustainable mobility, to Belgium's socio-economic development. We are investing in major infrastructure projects in order to encourage more rail traffic and meet our customers' needs (creation of the Liefkenshoek rail link at the port of Antwerp, increased rail capacity in and around Zeebrugge port etc.). These projects are to boost passenger rail transport and to offer the required capacity to promote the rail network as a means of freight transport.

Facilitating social -professional integration

Infrabel believes that social-professional integration is essential to developing a responsible socio-economic framework in Belgium. In this regard and with the view to finding suitable employees for occupations facing staff shortages. In conjunction with HR-Rail, Infrabel is organising Job Days according to the principle of "same-day recruitment". The various stages in the selection process all take place in one single day (information about various railway professions, site visits, written tests and recruitment interviews). At the end of the day, the participants go home with a job offer if they have passed the various tests.

Infrabel is facilitating social-professional integration by organising competitions like BERT (Belgian Railways competition for Technicians). We are working closely with schools to encourage young people to consider careers on the railways.

Promoting responsible purchasing

Infrabel also aims to operate a responsible purchasing policy that meets the company's needs and priorities. We expect our suppliers and contractors to comply with our code of conduct. Internally, we are also organising various training sessions on sustainable contracts in the public sector, with the aim to include, wherever possible, clauses relating to environmental and/or social responsibility in the specifications.