In sync with our values (Team, Passion, Service)

We are encouraging our employees to share our values outside the company and we are also promoting collaborative and community projects.

For example, beehives were installed at the Ronet site, just a stone's throw from the Infrastructure Logistics Centre, with the help of a beekeeper. On average, 14 kilos of honey are collected each year. Natagora, a non-profit organisation, also discovered a 100% natural clearing of oregano at that same site – quite an extraordinary find in Wallonia.

Infrabel runs occasional charitable initiatives amongst its staff, such as collections of children's toys or warm clothes for those in need. Our staff are also increasingly taking part in "citizen days" (community and charity projects) as a practical expression of the company's social commitment. Infrabel hopes to  foster through these projects solidarity within the company and continue to create synergies with local communities.