Our engineers and technicians ensure the good condition of the railway infrastructure day and night. Many specialised materials and equipment are necessary for the maintenance and renewal of our infrastructure: rails, switches, ballast, sleepers, crossing blocks, trains for maintenance and upgrades, etc. Infrabel's central workshops manufacture, deliver and maintain these materials, machines and equipment. Every workshop focuses on a specific field of expertise.

The Bascoup workshop

The switches and crossings are a crucial part of the railway infrastructure. A faulty switch can cause all sorts of problems for railway traffic. The manufacturing of these switches and crossings requires a lot of experience and precision work. The Bascoup workshop processes and assembles normal rails into switches and crossings. The workshop has plenty of experience: in 2012 it celebrated its 100th anniversary. 

The Bascoup workshop is facing a huge challenge. A large number of switches and crossings on the railway network will soon be reaching the end of their lifespan, and will therefore have to be replaced in the coming years. As a result, the demand for switches has increased exponentially over the past few years. For Bascoup, extra production capacity is absolutely essential.

In March 2016, the workshop gained two brand new assembly halls. Since then, production capacity has increased by 50%. In addition, the new halls are equipped with customised hoisting systems to facilitate the production of concrete switches. Currently, 30% of new switches are constructed on concrete sleepers, and that figure is set to rise in future. 

The Schaerbeek workshop

This workshop focuses on processing and treating rails. The workshop ensures new and reusable rails are ready for use. This workshop's speciality is producing continuous welded rails that are 300 metres long. But there is more. It also services and repairs the special work trains and equipment necessary for the rail maintenance and renovation work. The Schaerbeek team also supplies spare parts for maintenance and performs small repairs on the equipment.

The Wondelgem workshop

This workshop reports to the workshop in Schaerbeek and specialises in woodwork. It supplies the necessary sleepers and logs. In Wondelgem the wooden parts are dried and properly creosoted before they are used on the track.

The Roeselaere workshop

In Roeselare it is all about concrete. The workshop manufactures all standardised concrete components for use in the rail network: platform edges, grooves, level crossing blocks, etc. More information about this workshop is provided in the video (only available in French and Dutch).