Who is Infrabel?

Infrabel is the infrastructure manager and operator of the Belgian railways. We build, maintain and modernise the infrastructure on the Belgian railway network. We also control all of the trains running on our network. Find out more about us through our activities, vision, mission, priorities and values.

Our activities

Infrabel is responsible for the railway infrastructure in Belgium. We aim to meet society's current and future mobility needs through a modern and reliable rail network. Our responsibilities in a nutshell:

  • Maintaining and renewing the railway infrastructure: tracks, overhead lines, signalling system, etc.
  • Expanding the railway infrastructure in response to mobility requirements
  • Directing and coordinating all trains on the Belgian railway network
  • Operating the railway infrastructure and allocating the available capacity to our customers, the railway undertakings

Our strategic priorities

Our strategic plan Focus translates our mission into 5 major priorities. All of our activities and projects contribute to achieving these priorities in their own way:


The safety of rail traffic is our number one priority. More than ever, the safety of rail passengers and our staff remains central to our thoughts and actions.


We do everything we can to raise the standards of punctuality for our customers. In this way, we can maximise the benefits of train travel, while at the same time make it possible to move towards a more sustainable transport system.


We aim to offer the railway undertakings the capacity they need on the railway network. That's why we are building new infrastructure and trying to make the best possible use of the existing capacity.


We carry out our activities in the face of strong pressure on government funding. In order to maintain a stable, healthy financial situation, we must make efficient use of the resources available to us. We also have to find innovative ways to finance the investments required for the railway of tomorrow.

Corporate social responsibility

As a state-owned company, we serve society: we strive to be in tune with it, and to listen carefully to our customers and other stakeholders. We also aim to position the railway as a vital link in a sustainable transport system.

Our vision, mission and values

Trains have a number of advantages over other means of transport. Infrabel is working to increase the proportion of Belgian and European mobility that takes place by rail. Our mission and vision form a central part of our day-to-day activities:


Infrabel is the state-owned company that develops, maintains and operates the Belgian railway network. Thanks to our highly skilled employees and tried-and-tested technology, we offer our customers a service centred on their present and future mobility needs.


Infrabel aims to become the crossroads of Europe thanks to its safe and high-quality railway network. We want to continue developing into a strong link in a sustainable transport system. In this way, we aim to continue to support the economic and social development of Belgium and Europe.


Our staff put our values into practice on a daily basis:

  • Service

Our thoughts and actions revolve around the needs of our direct and indirect customers. We aim to support the safety, punctuality and quality of the solutions we offer to our customers through dedication, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Passion

We are all driven by the same passion for our business. Every day we work with pride, enthusiasm, expertise and integrity in the interest of the company and society as a whole.

  • Team

Based on rich diversity, we encourage team spirit and solidarity in the workplace, at all levels of our company. We promote communication, cooperation and mutual respect, along with professional and personal development.