Our customers

As the manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure, Infrabel is responsible for allocating capacity on the Belgian railway network. Railway undertakings and carriers can purchase train paths from us for the transport of passengers or goods. Besides SNCB, the national passenger operator, Infrabel has many other customers.

Who can operate trains on the Belgian rail network?

The railway sector in Belgium is completely liberalised for goods traffic, both domestic and international. This means that any railway undertaking may use our rail network. Moreover, any company may, as of 2015, request rail capacity directly from Infrabel. In order to operate on the Belgian rail network, a railway undertaking must obtain the necessary safety authorisations and certificates.

The international passenger transport market has also been opened up to free competition in Belgium. Domestic passenger transport has not yet been liberalised. SNCB is currently the only operator in that market segment.

An overview of active goods and passenger operators in Belgium:

Passenger operators Freight operators
SNCB                            Lineas
Eurostar DB Schenker
THI Factory SNCF Fret
  Rurtalbahn Cargo Netherlands
  Rotterdam Rail Feeding
  CFL Cargo
  Euro Cargo Rail
  HSL Polska

Looking for a safe, sustainable and efficient way of transporting your goods? Contact us, free of obligation on yourmoves@infrabel.be or on + 32 (0) 2 432 28 37 / + 32 (0) 2 432 28 46 / + 32 (0) 2 432 28 66. 

Rail connections for businesses

A private rail connection enables businesses to connect directly to the Belgian rail network. Nowadays, companies have to overcome many obstacles in organising their supply chain: mobility problems, carbon footprint, tolls, delivery speed, rising oil prices and so on. Rail offers a sustainable and safe answer to these logistical problems.

Does your company want to connect to the public rail network? Contact us, without any obligation on your part, at yourconnection@infrabel.be or phone +32 2 432 28 40.

European goods highways

Europe is investing in genuine rail highways for goods transport in order to boost rail transport. These international railway lines are equipped with uniform signalling systems to simplify cross-border rail traffic. They connect the most important European economic arteries: ports, airports, logistics hubs, etc.

Read more about the European goods rail network in Belgium.