RER construction site in La Hulpe: upgrade to four tracks

In La Hulpe, Infrabel has built two new rail tracks which will be used by future RER trains. Infrabel has therefore widened its track bed and changed its infrastructure to upgrade the Brussels-Ottignies line to four tracks.

Between Chaussée de La Hulpe and the Bakenbos underpass

Start of works: March 2011
End of works: The civil engineering work was completed by the end of 2014

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What will change with the RER La Hulpe construction site?

This work is being carried out to improve access to and from Brussels, and to slow down the growth in road traffic that is currently choking the capital. Eventually, passengers will benefit from increased train frequency (four trains an hour on average during peak times) within a 30-kilometre radius of the capital.

What are the next steps?

The first phase of the RER construction site in La Hulpe was the civil engineering work and was completed in 2014.

The next phase of the works will be the railway equipment work and will involve laying the rails and ballast, and installing overhead lines and signalling systems.

Given present budgetary restrictions and adjustments to the investment plan, the schedule for this work is not yet available.

What has already been done?

  • The track bed has been widened and various civil engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.) have been modified over a distance of 3 kilometres, between Chaussée de La Hulpe and the Bakenbos underpass.
  • A new 383-space car park has been built close to the station.
  • Some acoustic barriers have been installed alongside the tracks.

Any questions?

A project of this kind inevitably disrupts the daily life of local residents. Infrabel takes numerous measures to minimise any inconvenience that it may cause.

The Local Residents Info unit works with the people on-site to deal with questions and complaints from local residents. When necessary, it also organises information sessions and the door-to-door distribution of information leaflets to inform local residents about potential disturbances resulting from night-time and weekend works. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us using this form.

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