Your XXL: Analysis of your exceptional transport

With Your XXL, Infrabel offers you the most suitable solutions for exceptional freight transport. If the size or weight of your dispatches exceed standards in force, tailor-made solutions (within the limits of technical possibilities) are offered to you on a case by case basis.

Note that the transport of containers or semi-trailers is now considered to be exceptional transport.

To run on the Belgian network in complete peace of mind, our experts offer feasibility studies according to the standards in force (height, width, length and weight) and the type of goods transported. Infrabel then chooses the best routes taking account of the limits imposed by technical aspects (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.) and constraints on the ground.


Visual presentation of the Your XXL product. A train transports a helicopter via extraordinary freight transport.



Graph of standard values for ordinary transport and extraordinary transport.

Expertise and tailor-made follow-up

With Your XXL you benefit from Infrabel’s expertise in exceptional transport. Our teams provide clear answers to your questions about this exceptional transport. Your queries are processed as quickly as possible. 

Practical considerations

Provide us with the details of the freight to be transported and we do the rest.

  1. Send a request to our services using form UIC 502 appendix A.
    To download it:
  2. Send the completed form to the following address:
    Infrabel, Traffic Management & Services
    Service des Transports Exceptionnels
    Place Marcel Broodthaers 2, BE-1060 Brussels
    or by e-mail :

Three authorisations

Once your exceptional transport request has been accepted, different authorisations for running on the Belgian rail network may be offered to you:

  • A permanent authorisation for regular transport.
  • An annually renewable authorisation if the type of transport and the route does not change. Any change to the original data will result in a new feasibility study.
  • A “100-day” authorisation valid once only during a period of three months.

Product card

Description of the Your XXL product (2010, pdf 1.90MB)


Your XXL
Exceptional Transport Service
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