Your Shunts: Your local capacity

In addition to the train path offer, which enables you to run on the national network (Your Moves), Your Shunts opens up the Belgian railway infrastructure to rail operators on a local level. Freight trains, in the same way as passenger trains, are able to use sidings, for example, for marshalling trains, manoeuvring and parking.

Visual presentation of the Your Shunts product. Trains are located in a rail yard.Manoeuvring capacities dedicated to freight transport are situated in and around Belgian ports, as well as near the main industrial centres. Installations designed for passenger transport are situated near the main urban stations.

Dedicated areas on demand

Infrabel allocates manoeuvring capacities to its entire network. Drawn up by logisticians from Traffic Management & Services, as a priority, this product takes account of your needs in terms of local capacity and timescales.

In the event of incompatible requests, Infrabel manages reservations according to different allocation criteria, assuming to the full its role as an independent moderator and a neutral manager.

Practical considerations

Infrabel offers its customers the opportunity to reserve their local manoeuvring capacities online and to view all their reservations. When making these reservations, customers are also able to indicate the periods they wish to benefit from them. On their request, Infrabel will provide information about the infrastructure's equipment: connection to the water distribution network, electrification, lighting, cul-de-sac, track access, etc.

Product card

Description of the Your Shunts product (2010, pdf 4.88MB) 


Your Shunts
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