Driving aids


All signals on the main tracks in Belgium are equipped with the Memor-Crocodile system.

With this system, when a train passes a “double yellow” signal (meaning a light announcing that the next light will be red) the driver is informed by a warning light in the cabin. The driver must then press a button to confirm that he has seen the warning light. If this is not done, the train’s emergency braking is applied automatically.

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The TBL1 system (= Transmission Beacon Locomotive 1) is based on a trackside beacon which sends an electromagnetic signal to an aerial located underneath the locomotive.

With the TBL1 system, the driver must always confirm manually that he has received a warning that he has passed a double yellow signal (as for the Memor-Crocodile). But, in this case, if the driver confirms the warning, but, despite this, overruns the red signal, the train will be stopped automatically by emergency braking.

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