Financial information

With 1,076 billion euros in 2011, Infrabel is one of the biggest investors in Belgium. The company wishes to use public money in a responsible manner. Every day Infrabel works to ensure a proper balance of costs and products.

Thanks to a healthy balance sheet we can carry out our mobility task, further improve our performance and ensure full job security for our employees.

Financial information

EBT (in millions of EUR)


EBITDA (in millions of EUR)


Write-offs, depreciations and provisions


Financial result


Non-recurring losses



Funding for investments


Pie chart: High Speed Train (HST) contributions: 19.9 million, Réseau Express Régional (RER) funds: 304.7 million, Federal funding: 662.4 million, Other investment sources: 77.2 million, Europe: 11,5 million

Realised investments

Pie chart: HST programmes: 38 million, ETCS: 61.2 million, Capacity retention: 203.7 million, Capacity expansion: 201.7 million, Concentration of signal cabins: 130.7 million, Capital: 62.4 million, Station lobbies: 69.7 million, Réseau Express Régional (RER) programmes: 308.2 million


For a detailed overview, please refer to the annual financial report that will be online in a few weeks time.